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How we’re different

At Creo we work in partnership with our clients, we’re interested in your long-term success. With this in mind we want to help you build robust recruitment practices. We can help in all the ways you’re used to; finding candidates to fill a range of roles, but our bespoke consulting services is what makes us different.


Our extensive experience and knowledge helping over 100 different companies recruit the best-performing staff means we are well positioned to help you with your entire approach to recruitment. Finding the right candidates is only half the battle (and the easy half), getting them to choose you is just as important.

We consult on everything from your brand-positioning with potential hires to your internal processes – helping to make hiring a straightforward and dependable part of your business.


We also cover a range of standard recruitment services, including:

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Working with Creo isn’t like working with the recruiters you have worked with in the past. Take the plunge, drop us an email and see how different we can be